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These services require no referral and are funded by the Australian Government..


MedsCheck & Diabetes MedsCheck

The rate of medicine harm in Australia is at an alarming rate. It’s estimated that more than 80,000 medication-related hospitalisations occur in this country every year – with a third to two-thirds of these being avoidable.

MedsChecks and Diabetes MedsChecks are a review of a person’s medication by a pharmacist, so the patient can have a better understanding of their medicines and avoid potential problems.

Why should I have a MedsCheck or Diabetes MedsCheck?

Medications MedsCheck

Taking multiple medications can lead to potential medicine errors or mismanagement. A MedsCheck will:

  • Help you understand your medicines
  • Make sure your medicines are working for you
  • Ensure that you’re taking the correct medicines at the right time
  • Provide you with an Action Plan

Diabetes MedsCheck

If you are unable to see your doctor or diabetes educator, a Diabetes MedsCheck can be beneficial. It will:

  • Help you understand your diabetes medicines and monitoring devices
  • Improve control over blood sugar
  • Reduce the risk of developing complications

MedsCheck Eligibility F.A.Q.

To be eligible for a MedsCheck, you must:
  • Be a Medicare and/or DVA cardholder
  • Have not received a MedsCheck, Diabetes MedsCheck, Home Medicines Review (HMR)
  • Be living at home in a community setting
  • Be taking five or more prescription medicines, or have suffered a
    significant medical event
To be eligible for a Diabetes MedsCheck, you must:
  • Be a Medicare and/or DVA cardholder
  • Have not received a MedsCheck, Diabetes MedsCheck, Home Medicines Review (HMR) or Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR) in the last 12 months
  • Be living at home in a community setting
  • Have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the last 12 months or have less than ideally controlled type 2 diabetes; and have not been able to gain timely access to diabetes education or health services in their community
What to expect from your MedsCheck and Diabetes MedsCheck
  • We’ll prepare a list of your medicines from our dispensary records
  • At our in-pharmacy consultation, we’ll gather relevant information, then review and discuss the use of all medicines and medication/monitoring devices
  • Together we will develop a written Action Plan including goals and actions and any follow-up with your GP and/or other healthcare provider(s)
  • We will then provide you with a copy of the Consumer Report which is the Medicines List and Action Plan; and Arrange any agreed follow-up actions

Please bring all current medicines (prescription, non-prescription and complementary medicines) and any medication/monitoring devices to your MedsCheck or Diabetes MedsCheck appointment.

Loganholme Pharmacy offers Home Medicines Reviews

To help you better manage your medication

Ideal for people who have been recently discharged from hospital – or who take more than five medicines regularly – the Home Medicines Review gives you the opportunity to learn more about your medications and potential side effects.

You’ll have ‘one-on-one’ time with your pharmacist in the comfort of your own home, with a written report forwarded to your GP. Your GP will then have the opportunity to adjust your medicines, if required.

The Home Medicines Review

Fully Funded by the Australian Government

If you have sleep problems or just simply wish to look after yourself or your family, get in touch with Loganholme Pharmacy.


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